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Stucco / Concrete Restoration

Did you know that having a water tight building envelope is just as important as having a water tight roof? Some times fixing the roof is not the answer, many times, a building's exterior shell is over looked and water intrusion can be taking place in other surfaces other than your roof.

Stucco and Concrete Restoration is another specialty of RHI Construction Inc. As a state licensed General & Roofing Contractor
RHI Construction can handle almost all types of exterior waterproofing, stucco, and concrete restoration. We are experts when it comes to structural repairs and restoration. We provide services to Structural Engineers, Architects, Property Managers, Condos, and Homeowners associations. We work hard with our dedicated team of in house engineers, supervisors and highly skilled technicians to ensure that your projects gets done one time with very minimal disturbance to your building. 
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