Fort Lauderdale Roof Replacement: What to Expect, Permits, Final Inspection

March 9, 2023by 3birdadmin

A Comprehensive Guide to Roof Replacement for Your Fort Lauderdale Home

Everything You Need to Know, from Permits to Final Inspection, to Ensure a Successful Roof Replacement at your Home in Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park, Florida

If you’re a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale or Oakland Park, Florida, you may wonder what to expect during a roof replacement. A roof replacement can seem daunting, but it can be a smooth and stress-free process with the right roofing contractor and knowledge. Here’s a guide to what you can expect during a roof replacement for your Fort Lauderdale home:

  1. Initial Consultation The first step in a roof replacement is to schedule an initial consultation with your roofing contractor. During this consultation, they will inspect your roof, discuss the different types of roofing materials, and provide you with a detailed cost estimate.
  2. Preparing for the Replacement Once you’ve decided to move forward with the roof replacement, your contractor will provide you with a timeline for the project and work with you to schedule a start date. Before the work begins, you’ll need to clear the area around your home to ensure that the roofing crew has easy access to the roof.
  3. Obtaining Permits In Fort Lauderdale, a permit is required for roof replacements. Your roofing contractor should obtain the necessary permits for the project, ensuring that the work is up to code.
  4. Removing the Old Roof The next step is to remove the old roof. Your roofing contractor will remove the shingles, felt paper, and other roofing materials from the roof deck. This can be a noisy and messy process, but your contractor will take steps to protect your property and keep the area clean.
  5. Inspecting the Deck Once the old roof is removed, your contractor will inspect the roof deck for any damage or signs of rot. Any damaged areas will be repaired or replaced before installing new roofing materials.
  6. Installing New Roofing Materials After the deck is inspected and repaired, your contractor will install new roofing materials. This can include new shingles, felt paper, and any necessary flashing. Your contractor will install the materials properly to ensure your new roof is watertight and durable.
  7. Final Inspection and Clean-Up After the installation is complete; your contractor will conduct a final inspection of the roof to ensure that everything is in order. Once the final review of your roof is completed, the crew will clean up the area around your home, including removing all debris from the old roof.
  8. Obtaining Final Inspections Before the project is complete, a final inspection from the city or county building department is required. This final inspection ensures the work was done according to the building codes.

A roof replacement for your Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park home can seem overwhelming, but it can be a stress-free process with the right contractor and knowledge. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, RHI Roofing will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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