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Transforming 13 Buildings and a Community Pool Area with Durable, Aesthetic Metal Roofing Solution
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Transforming 13 Buildings and a Community Pool Area with Durable, Aesthetic Metal Roofing Solution

For Coconut Apartments, a thriving multi-family townhouse community in Delray Beach, Florida, RHI Roofing (RHI) undertook a significant project to enhance and modernize the roofs of 13 buildings and a critical communal pool/recreation structure. This substantial endeavor demonstrated RHI’s expertise in challenging residential projects and underscored its commitment to providing high-quality, durable roofing solutions tailored to the unique needs of bustling community environments. This project promised to significantly improve the quality of life for residents by ensuring safer, more reliable, and aesthetically pleasing roofing structures.

Overcoming Project Challenges

The project posed a significant challenge due to the change in roofing material and the sheer scale of the work. The city mandated that the association present the proposed improvements to the city’s architectural review board. RHI Roofing was pivotal in assisting the Homeowners Association (HOA) board in obtaining the necessary approvals employing detailed renderings, in-person presentations, and meetings to navigate this bureaucratic process successfully.

Roof System and Installation Techniques

For the new roofs, RHI Roofing helped the client choose a Drexel 24-gauge standing seam metal roof in galvalume mill finish, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal and backed by a 25-year warranty. A critical aspect of the installation was the in-house fabrication of all panels onsite, ensuring they were seamless from ridge to eave. This meticulous approach was essential for a leak-free roof system. Additionally, RHI replaced all wall flashings and installed new stucco at these locations, addressing a major historical leak issue for the association.

Project Outcome

Despite the challenges, the project was completed within 92 days. The new roofing systems enhanced the aesthetic appeal of Coconut Apartments and provided a long-term, durable solution to the community’s roofing needs. The attention to detail and commitment to quality in every aspect of the project, from material selection to installation techniques, was evident in the outcome.

The roofing transformation at Coconut Apartments is a testament to RHI Roofing’s expertise in handling large-scale, complex projects in active community settings. Their ability to navigate logistical and bureaucratic challenges and their technical proficiency resulted in a seamless and efficient project execution. This endeavor not only satisfied the immediate needs of the Coconut Apartments community but also set a new standard in roofing excellence.

Job Name:
Coconut Apartments
Delray Beach, FL
Roof Type:
Drexel 24g Standing Seam Metal
Galvalume Mill
Size of Roof:
140,000 Sq.Ft
92 Days

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